If you've read through our Suspension 101 and are having difficulties with the Maths/Calculations, then our Chassis Calculator is right up your alley.

By inputting some basic variables, our calculator can help you on your path to determine the most suitable spring rates for your vehicle/application and desired Natural Ride Frequencies. If you are building your own dampers, our calculator can also help you determine the optimum Compression and Rebound forces, along with the required Shim Stacks to achieve those forces (Please Note: The shim stack profiles are based upon using YCW Suspension components and may vary from other manufacturers). We even have a list of vehicle presets if you are unsure of the component dimensions to use, motion ratios etc.

Although you can input unsprung weights, our calculator is based on a 1 DOF model so is not 100% accurate. Due to varying tyre spring rates between models and manufacturers, it is not feasible to include a true 2 DOF model into our calculations and is outside the scope of functionality that we can offer on an online calculator. That being said, we have included variables into our calculations to try to get the values within the ball park range.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to Contact Us.

How to use:
  • Vehicle Presets: A dropdown list of preset values for some common vehicle fitments. Simply select a vehicle, and it will prefill the fields in the calculator (Optional)
  • Dimensions: Default damper body lengths, piston rod strokes and spring lengths for the Front/Rear of the preset vehicle
  • Strut: Check this box if your damper is a MacPherson Strut as this will affect the valving profiles
  • Spring Rate: Here you can input your desired Front/Rear/Left/Right Spring Rates. Values are in kgf/mm. To convert lbs/in to kgf/mm, divide by 56
  • Weight: Here you can input your vehicle Front/Rear/Left/Right Corner Weights. Values are in Kg. To convert Lbs to Kg, divide by 2.2
  • Unsprung: Here you can input your vehicle Front/Rear/Left/Right Unsprung Weights. Values are in Kg. To convert Lbs to Kg, divide by 2.2. If you are unsure of this value, the field defaults to 10% of your entered Corner Weight
  • Motion: Here you can input your vehicle Front/Rear/Left/Right Motion Ratios. If you are unsure of this value, please feel free to Contact Us and we can assist you in calculating it
  • Results: After entering all the required variables, the calculator will display the Compression & Rebound forces required for each damper (Values are displayed as lbs @ 3"/sec), the Natural Ride Frequencies, what Frequency Zone you will be at and whether you will be Understeer or Oversteer biased (Please Note: This does not take into account swaybar settings or other chassis variables outside the scope of this calculator)
  • Valving: If you are using YCW Suspension Components in your dampers, this field will tell you what Shim Stack Profiles to use in order to achieve the desired Compression & Rebound forces (Shim Order: Preload/34mm/30mm/27mm/23mm). These have been tested to approx. 80-90% accuracy on our Roehrig 3VS shock dyno and are suitable for the majority of users. However, we do highly recommend some Fine Tuning and Trial & Error with the Butt Dyno. If you have access to a Shock Dyno, even better.
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